Rebecca's Music Studio

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I am so glad you are pursuing music lessons!


Music is a language, and plays a tremendously important role in mental health 

and intellectual stimulation. 


Whether you’re interested in music simply as a hobby, or intend to pursue it more seriously, I am here to help you achieve your goals, and honored to be a part of your musical journey, development, and personal achievements.



Students learn proper practice habits on a weekly basis, and are expected to bring a basic notebook to lessons, and follow their practice guidelines during the week. I also incorporate music theory into lessons.

For violin/viola/cello, I use the Suzuki method as well as other supplemental materials, based on the student’s individual needs and interests.


For piano, I use the Alfred piano method, as well as many other mixtures of methods and resources – depending on age and skill level. I tend to stick with "method" books for beginners...& then we branch out after the fundamentals are well-rooted.


I am totally flexible as to musical style preferences. So be sure to 

share your specific goals with me!

Studio Policy 2019


TUITION: Weekly 30 minute lessons are $60/month for 4 week months, and $75 for 5 week months. 1 hour lessons are $120 or $150 / month. 

Fees for the upcoming month are due at the first lesson of the month.

REGISTRATION: There is an initial, non-refundable registration fee of $25 for each student's lesson slot. ($35 max per family) 

PAYMENT: I accept cash, check, or Paypal. PAYPAL E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected]

BREAKS: I require notice by the 10th of the month if students plan to take a break from lessons the following month. There will also be a new registration fee when re-starting. If time slots are full, students will be placed on the waiting list. Lesson slots are not reserved/guaranteed without full monthly payment.

LESSON TERMINATION: I require notice by the 10th of the month in order to cancel lesson enrollment (or take a break) for the following month. Otherwise, student attendance is optional, but tuition fees will still be charged for the following month.


Time slots/openings are updated periodically on my website. Students are expected to consistently attend lessons at their regular scheduled time. If a different time is needed, lesson days/times can be adjusted according to availability.


FEES: I do not wave or adjust monthly fees for missed, skipped, or cancelled lessons. I only offer make up lessons.


MAKE UP LESSONS: I require 24 hours advance cancellation notice in order to receive a make-up lesson. If I do not receive communication prior to a missed lesson, there will be no make up lesson. If I have to cancel a lesson, I will do my very best to make sure there is a make-up lesson. 

MAKE UP LIMIT: I have to keep my fees and schedules consistent. As I only have a certain number of available times throughout the month for lessons, I can ONLY do 1 make-up lesson per month for lessons cancelled by students, and the monthly fee will still be applicable.


EARLY/LATE ARRIVAL: If students are late to lessons, I may not be able to do a full lesson. If you arrive early, please wait to come in until your scheduled lesson time. 


GUM: I don’t allow chewing gum during lessons or performances.


PARENT OBSERVATION: Parents are welcome to observe lessons in the music room if they wish. Or parents can drop off/pick up their student. (Students' parents and family are welcome to hang out in the living area during lessons before 4:00 pm on weekdays.)


I do not teach on Thanksgiving OR Christmas (typically 2-3 weeks Christmas break) Spring Break week is optional / depending on my schedule & students' schedules. I do NOT take a break from teaching during the summer. Advance termination notice and re-registration fees are required if students wish to take a break from lessons for the summer.


We have 2 full-studio recitals per year: End-of-Spring and Christmas. Students and parents will be informed of these in advance, and all students are required to participate if at all possible. 


1. Notebook (for weekly assignments & practice instructions)

2. Necessary lesson books 

3. Piano/keyboard/instrument (violin/viola/cello)

4. Metronome

5. FOR STRINGS - tuner/rosin/shoulder rest


DAILY PRACTICE: Students should practice every day, if possible. They should follow the notes in their lesson notebook.

RECOMMENDED PRACTICE TIME: 10-15 minutes for ages 4 - 6 / 20 minutes for ages 7 - 12 / 30 minutes for older students.

PARENTS: Accountability with practicing is strongly encouraged, particularly for younger students (ages 4 - 8). Younger beginners will need parents to help them practic and stay focused at home.

Please let me know if you have concerns or questions. 

I am here to help you meet your goals!


Blessings, Rebecca


(Updated 08/21/19)



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10:00 am

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Message me for daytime options, available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

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